Rich media is an industry term that refers to any or combinations of graphics, animation, video, or audio. Examples include Animated GIFs, Flash files, or television commercials.

meDIA Unlimited offers complete services from production planning to contents delivery, assisting you in achieving your goals.

Production              Delivery

As a major part of meDIA Unlimitedís service offerings, we help our clients to create impact in their web pages and e-mail campaigns by producing stunting rich media contents. In addition to utilizing client-supplied materials, we also work with top design studios from the US to produce our contents.

Below is a list of contents we produce:

Visual/Audio Media
Video - Click here to view a demo
Streaming videos that are highly compressed for web broadcasts.

Interactive Video - Click here to view a demo
Video clips that have interactive functions programmed in it. For example, users can purchase an item by clicking on a product inside a television commercial.

Visual Media
Panorama - Click here to view a demo
360 degrees panoramic views of scenic places or indoors facilities.

True Interactive Virtual Tour - Click here to view a demo
Virtual tours using panoramas that have true click-thru features. Users can click on a door to enter another room or select a product in a virtual store.

Flash Movie
High-quality animation produced with Macromedia Flash.

3D Model - Click here to view a demo
Interactive control of 3D objects.

Slideshow - Click here to view a demo
Slideshows with attention grabbing transition effects.

Audio Media
Interactive Sound & Music - Click here to view a demo
Highly compressed sound files that have interactive functions programmed in it.

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To offer a complete solution, we also have some of the best deployment technologies in the industry to eliminate drawbacks such as plug-in requirements and lengthy downloads in order to provide the best user experience. These include:

Plug-In, No Plug-In
meDIA Unlimitedís systems check the user for any plug-in available and automatically select the best plug-in for the type of rich media being played. If no plug-in is found, the systems will deliver an ultra-lightweight player just-in-time so every viewer can play the contents.

Bandwidth Optimization
Our systems also check the userís bandwidth to determine whether the connection is broadband or narrowband in order to stream contents accordingly to avoid lengthy downloads.

Maximum Compatibility
Our solutions support MS Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc. The rich media will behave the same across different platforms.

Interactive Capabilities with Web Page Elements
meDIA Unlimitedís rich media can be programmed to cooperate with other elements of the web page, such as pictures and text to be displayed dynamically.

Real-time Detail Tracking
We track aggregate information and report analysis real-time online for prompt follow-up actions. Click here to see a list of useful information we collect.

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E-mail marketing can be used as a cost-effective approach to implementing a "push" strategy. It can also increase a companyís productivity by using time more efficiently in communications. Finally, e-mail provides extremely high functional flexibility and personalization capability, making it a powerful relationship-marketing tool.

To help your company take full advantage of this cost-effective channel, meDIA Unlimited has developed a robust system to manage your campaign from Strategic Targeting to Production and Delivery.


Client Supplied List
Clients can supply their own permission-based list of e-mail addresses for deployment.

List Development
We also have a high quality permission-based list collected from various sources that our clients can use.

Production            Delivery


Rich Media Integration
Integrate our innovative rich media seamlessly in the e-mail to enhance user experience.

Secure E-Commerce Functions
Clients can incorporate e-commerce capabilities through their own or meDIA Unlimitedís secure transaction server.

Ready-To-Use Interactive Functions
Features such as opinion polls, discussion forum, and forwarding box are some of the ready-to-use functions clients can include in the e-mail.

Strategic Targeting            Delivery


Through our flexible mail merge system, clients can create highly personalized messages based on information they know about their users.

Client Detection
meDIA Unlimited checks recipients?e-mail client in order to display the format that best fits their platform, ensuring all messages can be viewed regardless of users?configurations.

Detail Tracking Real-time
We track aggregate information and report analysis real-time online for prompt follow-up actions. Click here to see a list of useful information we collect.

Response Management
We response to users?e-mails dynamically based on the real-time information we collect from them using a sophisticated, yet flexible, rule-based system to create the most personalized and complete experience.

Strategic Targeting            Production


One of the most important elements for success in the new economy is flexibility. At meDIA Unlimited, we understand that. That is why we have made it possible to tailor our services to companies of all sizes, from small recreational websites to multinational organizations.

All the features and services you see in the Rich Media and E-mail Marketing sections are component based, meaning you can utilize any one or combinations of the building blocks in our systems.

Whether you just want us to produce the rich media and deploy it on your own server or you are interested in our powerful Tracking Capabilities for your e-mail campaigns, we are ready and flexible to host the services that match your needs.